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Looking for a New Opportunity?

Whether you are actively looking for a new career opportunity, thinking about how to take the next step in advancing your career, worried about the future of your current position, or you are curious about potential openings in a different location, we encourage you to reach out to us. The CenterNet Search Group maintains the highest level of confidentiality with all candidates. No information shared with us will ever go anywhere without your consent first.

Registering your information with our company ensures that you will be notified when a position that matches what you desire becomes available. When it does a recruiter will contact you to let you know about the position and then forward more information about it to you. If you are not interested in it, or the timing isn’t quite right there are no obligations to actively pursue the position. We never charge candidates for our services.

There are two ways to register your information with the CenterNet Search Group:

  Submit your Resume   

It would be helpful to include details about what you are looking for and don’t forget to include your salary information. Providing this helps us provide you with the best matching opportunities. This option typically yields the quickest and most accurate response when positions become available. Do not feel discouraged if you do not get an immediate response, we might not have any current openings that quite match your background. Rest assured as soon as something opens up that does match we will reach out to you right away.

⇒  Sign up for Job Alerts  ⇐

You haven’t prepared a resume? Just curious about positions that might open in a particular area? This option does not require as much commitment from you as submitting a resume but it still allows us to reach out to you if something that you might be interested in becomes available. All you need to do is submit your name, what you are looking for, and the best way for us to contact you. You will not hear back from us until a match becomes available.


Take time to review our Current Openings:  

If a position listed within our current openings is similar but not be exactly what you are looking for; we encourage you to still apply or at least contact us for more information about it. Throughout the course of the interview process, there are times when the primary roles of a position evolve and/or their exact locations might shift. The opening may develop into something different from what had initially been advertised, and it could change into a position that fits your background perfectly. If we know about you and what your interests are, then we will contact you as it happens.

In addition to that, as we conduct our searches it is very common for our recruiters to discover other similar openings, either within the same marketplace, or type of position. If we know about you then we can contact you about those openings as well. 


Just starting to look?

Why you should reach out to a recruiter first:

Are you just starting to think about a career change? Maybe you have been with the same company for a long time and never thought that you would ever need to look outside. You might not have updated your resume in over a decade. But the industry has changed, your company has changed and/or your position may soon disappear. Where should you start? You need to reach out to a recruiter right away. We stay current on present and future needs within the industry and are usually the first line of contact… We are the people that you will speak with prior to speaking with anyone related to hiring within a particular company.

Having a confidential conversation with us first can help you identify your particular strengths and weaknesses and help to strategize and address any issues that might develop throughout the interview process. Because we take note of the exact particulars that you are looking for you can essentially look for a position without anyone in the industry knowing that you are “looking.” We can help you to structure your resume in a way that best highlights your experience before it is seen, and we provide special insight on exactly what a company expects from their future employees.

Many of the advantages gained by working through a professional recruiter become an absolute necessity for higher level and corporate positions. In today’s career world you really need to do everything possible to remain a step ahead and shine above your peers for all levels of positions. This is exactly what the recruiters at CenterNet Search can do for you.