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Outside Agencies/Recruiters

Agency PartnershipsThe primary goal of CenterNet Search is to help employers in our industry identify and hire the best employees, in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

The ability to collaborate with other recruiters and outside agencies is a powerful resource that can be beneficial to this process and help to ensure that all potential prospects are contacted. There are times that CenterNet Search is not able to work with outside agencies. Our company may be working on a highly confidential position were sharing any information with anyone could jeopardize the client company’s situation. There are also times when our client has made it clear that they do not want any involvement or collaboration with other agencies and that request must be honored.

CenterNet Search does have an open policy about working with outside agencies and splitting fees but for the protection of our clients and the company these primary rules must be followed before we can accept resumes for any positions that we have been contracted to work on:

1. Contact needs to be established between the outside agency and CenterNet Search first. Our company will then issue the outside agency an agreement form allowing you to submit resumes for the particular position that has been agreed upon. CenterNet Search will not accept any resumes submitted prior to issuing the outside agency agreement form. All resumes submitted by agencies that have not completed this step will be treated as unsolicited.

2. An outside agency agreement form must be issued for each position that the outside agency would like to submit resumes for. CenterNet Search will not accept resumes for other positions that the company is working on through a different position that an outside agency agreement has been issued for.

3. CenterNet Search reserves the right to terminate any and all agreements with outside agencies at their own discretion. The termination of an agreement will be confirmed in writing and sent via email to the outside agency. All candidates submitted prior to the termination of an agreement will still be honored through the terms of the initial agreement. All resumes submitted after the termination of an agreement will be treated as unsolicited.

The CenterNet Search Group maintains an open-door policy toward companies, candidates, and other search firms in our industry. Feel free to contact us via phone, email, or even stop by our office headquarters with any questions, comments or proposals.


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